Role of multimedia platforms in Nepal

March 19, 2009

Dinesh Wagle Interview (Nepal)

I have attached above the link about the interview that I used during our group blog presentation to differentiate how vastly contrast the news delivery is in Nepal as compared to the UK. This helped us to put an international angle to it by covering the role and usage of newspapers, radio, television and ofcourse the use of Internet which is defined as the ‘new digital era’. But if you listen to the audio, you will discover how backwards the media sector actually is in Nepal.


Newspapers essential for democracy in digital world

February 1, 2009

Very interesting article to read at:

However, some key information’s about the article below.

— Newspapers are very much alive and growing when you consider the print and online audience together. And they talk to far more people than their radio, television and Internet competitors.

— Newspapers have earned the public’s trust because they employ professional journalists to verify news for truth, accuracy and context, and they are usually the first source of local news.

– Advertisers continue to invest in newspapers because they deliver results. They still move goods and services more reliably than other forms of promotion.

— Newspapers remain essential to our democratic system of government, serving as a watchdog against crime and corruption, and a guide dog for information that allows the public to make informed decisions on the issues of the day.