Presentation Evaluation

Our presentation went off without many hindrances- I think the fear is always going to be that the technology isn’t going to work which would have been quite ironic in our case! My only regret is not being able to interview Rob Kirk earlier and had that as part of the presentation. Hopefully everyone can watch it on here though- he had some interesting things to say. Essentially the world is changing, there’s room for journalism but journalists need to adapt. We need to be multimedia chameleons, and hopefully that came out in our presentation.

The video was fun but I think it was important to make that basic point- how can journalism stay on top of the rate of change in technology and the way we communicate?

We set out to be a multi-platform group and I think we achieved that. It might be interesting to note that from the very first blog meeting we split ourselves into different mediums; people were delegated television, online, print and radio, but we soon realised how they bled into each other.

What became apparent to me over our time of study was that the future isn’t so gloomy. People like Kevin Sites (he was quite popular with the rest of the group!) and David Dunkley Gyimah are setting an example for future journalists; we just need to adapt to survive, and it is possible. That’s the bottom line.


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