Review on our blog/presentation

Hey everyone!!

Finally we have come to an end with our blog/ presentation and well done to everyone. We worked really hard and came up with such creative ideas. At the end we all managed to put our messages across about the multimedia platforms and how traditional newspapers were being affected. It all went very well during the presentation and everyone of us enjoyed doing it as much as others enjoyed watching it. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful team and the hard work we all had put in.

I must say I was very pleased with the video that Josh, Chris and Rachael had come up with. Since I was in Nepal, I couldn’t contribute much in there. But nevertheless the video summed it all and it was just beautifully filmed and ofcourse very entertaining. It was a masterpiece and including that in the beginning we definitely grabbed everyone’s attention and everyone were entertained. Josh’s acting was topnotch and well performed by everyone. I think the video was something very different we had come up with. Intially we knew we wanted a video soon after Charlotte’s group tutorial when she mentioned it’ll be good to film. But we didn’t exactly know how it would go but at the end we all pulled it off.

I think what really worked for us while preparing the presentation/blog was we divided our parts and concentrated, researched more on the areas we were interested in and put them together. Also we came up with using the different means of communication like interviews on radio, video, acting, voxpop in our presentation. Overall we had a variety since it was all about how the mediums was changing in this digital era. Including interviews from BBC by Chris. Also i believe the international angle which we included in the presentation was interesting for people to know how vastly contrast the medium is in Nepal as compared to the developed places. It showed internet is still not the main means of communication and is surely has not affected as much as in abroad. Voxpop was good to include because it showed how different people thought and interviewing different genres of people we came to know their thoughts on Internet. Thus we have tried to put out different varieties to show on our topic and it all seemed to have worked really well together.

Acting scripts prepared by Rachael worked very well and was interesting. Not to forget mentioning about Kevin Site was very impactful and an example how he was managing to do everything by himself during war reporting. Like everyone mentioned it was the video that broke the mould which was creative, clearly delivered how the role of journalist was changing from old to new and most of all ENTERTAINING. Well done guys!!!

Also since I missed 2 weeks presentation of other groups from what i have heard through my colleagues, all the presentations has been really good and very informative. Everyone’s topic given was widely contrast and they all had come up with new and creative ideas as well. From my involvement in the blog/presentation I learnt that it is very essential for traditional journalism like newspapers to adapt to the changes in these changing times of journalism. But not at the cost of affecting its news delivering quality and its content. Also how the role of journalists is changing and how one is expected to be multi tasking. I learnt how the role of citizen journalism has emerged significantly in the recent years especially during the Mumbai attack and Hudson plane crash. Nevertheless professional journalists and newspapers are still considered by many people as one who/which provides most reliable source to its audience. But inorder to compete in these such vastly changing times, it is very much essential for them to adapt to the changes and be more innovate, creative since they are a vital resource to keep the public informed. For the moment at least, it threatens traditional journalism but it has not developed a discipline that can replace professional journalism.

Also like mentioned during our presentation, we became really clear while researching that in the future, we won’t talk about radio, television, newspapers, and the internet as separate entities: everything will merge together to create a new, hyper journalism.
I believe through our presentation/blog we came to know what the current journalists from the industry think of multimedia platform delivery and achieved to look at the use of multimedia in the future. Overall we have achieved to know how multimedia delivery in the world of news is affecting us as journalists; how is it changing, what do these changes mean for us and what will happen in the future?

Overall it seems like I just have positive things to say about our presentation with the way everyone has showered comments 🙂


2 Responses to Review on our blog/presentation

  1. paulknowles says:

    Hello Jacks of all the trades!

    Great presentation. Loved the video and I think Shristi your piece on Nepal worked well as it showed that although new media is definately becoming ubiquitious across the world, old solid media platforms never lose their qualities.

    Even so the world is definately logging on and tuning into new ways of communications, as your presentation shows.

    All in all I think that it’s not how you communicate, it’s what you communicate.

    Anyway once again great prez!

  2. hblockbloggerz says:

    I loved the video – yet another Joshism to add to our collection in the form of “Lovely…booze”. It was a really interesting way to convey some of your points, as were the dramatic bits with Rachel as a very convincing rushed-off-her-feet journo.

    I also really liked the fact that there seemed to be a range of views in the group. It seemed to me that Josh was incredibly positive about multimedia delivery and the opportunities it represents, whereas Rachel seemed more cautious and maybe a little bit worried about the implications for accurate journalism.

    Well done!

    Amy Pollock

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