In these sorts of discussions it’s often very easy to forget the most important people : THE AUDIENCE. We can get bogged down in navel-gazing and forget that without our listeners, our viewers, our online visitors, we’d be out of a job. So Chris and I went to Falmouth town to find how are the audience reacting to the changes in multi-platform delivery?


2 Responses to Audience…

  1. ayeshas says:

    It’s also very easy to forget the dinosaurs of media, the age old newspaper!

    There is no doubt that newspaper newsrooms have undergone radical changes in culture. From text for a single print platform and articles being passed from one layer of editor to another, now, practices such as ongoing news operations, writing for multiple platforms such as the online edition and much less editorial oversight seems to be the way to go. After all, getting the news out there first is getting more and more difficult with all the multimedia technology.

    The question is will the newspaper go out of circulation forever or start to look more and more like the physical copy of its website?

  2. huijunzheng says:

    Hi! Shristi

    I really like your group presentation,especially the last picture, it’s fabulous^^

    Yeah, I think audience is sometimes ignored by our journalists, for lots of programme shows is becoming more and more commercial.I think media is the ear and mouth of the public, so the audience is the most important, we need to care about it and know what they are thinking and talking about.


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