Old to New


7 Responses to Old to New

  1. siobhan316 says:

    This was a BRILLIANT and such an original way to convey your message in comparison to other groups.

    It was engaging and you made your point really well.

    Really entertaining.

    Well done!

  2. Francesca says:

    Fantastic! Such creativity and flair. The video was a truly marvellous way to engage the audience and terribly well acted…Oscars for you all I think. It was very well produced too. The presentations started and ended with a bang. Well done.

  3. Ali Gibson says:

    Hi guys,

    Just wanted to say how much I really enjoyed your presentation – particularly this video! You really broke the mould and did something different and inventive, which of course fitted so well with your topic. The way in which you brought out the debate surrounding multi-platform delivery was superb.



  4. peterodgers33 says:

    Hi guys, much like all the comments above, I thought your presentation was brilliant, it kept me entertained and informed.

    I do have a couple of questions to your group however. I know during your presentation you mentioned a couple of famed multimedia journalists. However I did not know of these people until your group presentation informed me of them. So my questions are, do you think there will ever be a star multimedia journalist? And, should the nation idolise the people behind journalism?

    Many thanks, Pete

  5. Rachel says:

    Hi Pete! Thanks (to you and everyone else) for the comments!

    In response to your questions: 1. I don’t think journalists will become famous specifically for their multimedia skills (though Robert Peston perhaps has already, so that shoots that one down!). I think what people will respect, as they do, is the quality of reporting: you could be an absolutely amazing multimedia journalist but if the actual journalism behind it is sloppy, incorrect or unbalanced, then it’s no good.

    As for the question about idolising journalists: I think that can get into very dangerous territory. In my opinion it can lead to complacency, which then leads to bad journalism. I think journalists, like any other profession, should always be questioned and confronted.

  6. ninasaada says:

    Hi guys, I’d just like to say that I thought your presentation was fantastic, really engaging, excellent use of video and very entertaining. It also got people fired up and asking lots of questions at the end… which is definitley a good thing, you obviously made an impact!

    Well done Jack’s!


  7. Lindsey Cole says:

    Again, might keep it short, can’t let those journalistic heads get too big ;), very good. Loved the skills, diverse use of content and of course the acting on all your parts. And well done to Shristi for your own personal input to the presentation-although you missed out on the film.

    Pete, i think the nation can definitely admire journalists. I’m pretty sure most people had an opinion on John Sergeant, whether liked or not, before he got his dancing shoes on in “strictly come dancing”. I was in awe when i was surrounded by talented reporters in my work placement at Unreported World. It may be fair to say that the whole nation aren’t aware of all journalists’ work that we’re interested in, but I think this keeps the journalists more grounded. People admire them for the quality in their work-and everyone likes an ego boost, don’t they!

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