Update on the Future of Radio News



CHRIS: Today Sky will become the sole supplier of the UK’s 340 commercial radio stations. The three year contract awarded to Sky will include Classic FM, Capital FM and Clyde Radio. These stations were formally provided by IRN which is part of ITN.




Before today there were eighty stations who were already getting their news from Sky. The new stations will now be provided with a mixture of bulletins and packages for radio output, and video and stories for their website. The 340 stations will also be able to rip audio directly from the Sky news channels.


Although the content may be improved, there is once again a limited amount of rivalry being generated through the contract. This seems to have been an issue repeated throughout the media spectrum, with ITN’s regional output being recently cut. Competition is healthy in any business and I feel the loss in this area will have an affect on the long term output.



5 Responses to Update on the Future of Radio News

  1. Jules Benham says:

    Video of the radio star:

    Whilst browsing twitter today, I came across this tweet from Radio 4’s Today programme:
    r4todayWatch Evan Davis give his review of today’s Programme. http://is.gd/mg48

    Yes, a video review of a radio show, by it’s very own presenter, Evan Davis….Now I understand that the BBC wants to go all multimedia/multiplatform/multiaccessble but I think Radio 4’s got it horribly wrong. This sort of content is not only something that should be saved for Points of View but who is going to log on to watch a 30 second review of something they’ve just heard and are free to make their own judgements about…

  2. Gareth Davies says:

    First off well done guts on a great presentation, it was probably my favourite one, video was hilarious!

    I take your point Chris and agree with it to a certain extent, diversity and competitiveness in media is crucial. However surely there’s an argument for the best provider coming to the fore. Sky is a well respected news provider, shown through the amount of awards Sky News consistently wins. Therefore, as we discussed in our diversity talk last week, isn’t it the case that the best candidate for the job, in this case Sky, comes to the fore to provide a superior service to what has gone before it?
    We’ve seen the way Sky has revolutionised television, in both the way News and Sport is covered

    Probably a question which will create divides but an interesting one I feel.

  3. Rachel says:

    Jules, I really agree with you. I can’t help feeling it’s all really rather narcissistic navel-gazing, almost multimedia for the sake of it. Shouldn’t Mr Davis be spending his time researching for the next day’s big interviews?

  4. Scott says:

    Yep, commercial radio is on it’s (behind), just like commercial television. With Global now rebranding practically every major local commercial station to ‘Heart’, and axing local news bulletins and DJ’s between 10am-4pm, that old chestnut; ‘choice’, and’ individuality’, is going right out of the window.

    Will it matter if all of Global’s stations are playing the same music at the same time? Probably not.

    Will it matter if we want to get jobs in commercial radio? Hell yeah! We can’t all be Breakfast or Drivetime DJs.

  5. Chris Ellis says:

    Cheers for the posts – Gareth I agree with you, but I don’t think a minority is healthy. The way the credit crunch has affected the media industry is obviously causing a shift in how news is being produced. I think even though this has to happen the demise can not be healthy for the industry or the audience.

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