Multi-platform Journalists – Regulation and ethics


CHRIS: As we’ve discussed during the blog, journalists are expected to multi task in the way the obtain and produce content for different types of media. But does this mean that ethical standards are being affected by the increased for demand of content and the ability to learn about technological advances?

Both BBC Somerset’s Journalist and the CNN Reporter have commented on the lack of time they have. The issue of checking sources and even proof reading your own work are things that may be placed to the side if journalist’s responsibilities increase. This could cast a dark cloud over the profession, if several cases do get highlighted.

Although there has been few current examples, we are at the beginning of this new world in which we will (hopefully) be working in – a media world, that previous journalists have not worked in. I think ethics and regulations should still be of up most importance when writing content for whatever media – otherwise our reliability and reputation is at risk, as a profession.


An interesting comment made by John Lilley today after Live @5 regarding the future of content for different audiences. The BBC and other broadcasters should be aware of different treatments for the variety of audiences. For example an internet treatment would be substantially different to a local feature of BBC Radio. This is should be kept in mind, when re-working a feature/story for different media platform.


2 Responses to Multi-platform Journalists – Regulation and ethics

  1. michelariva says:

    Hey Chris, as you know my area is internet regulation, but I’ve been digging around other medias (principally tv, radio and print)and the way they are regulated is having to change (slowly) because of the emergance of mulit-platform journalism. As you say material now has to be shared amongst traditional, new and mobile media which puts siginificant pressure on regulatory bodies- not just the journalists, to coordinate a consistant system.
    The PCC for example is trying to keep up with technological advances by covering audio-visual content on newspaper websites under their code of practice. When it comes to regulating journalism practice, I couldn’t find very much on that. Would you agree that perhaps what needs to change are a journalists’ news values?- if there is a clear, up to date idea about our roles in a multi-media community, then there would be more cohesion in our ethical approach to news.

  2. Chris Ellis says:

    Mic I think you’ve made a really good point – as our roles as journalists are changing this is a factor that does need to be considered.

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