Presentation notes from the other day

Video 1: – what multimedia’s available? – day in the life of a journalist in the 21st c? – how do we cope? – things have advanced in the past few decades in the way we get our news. – speeded up recently: first, the internet, then, thanks to that, news to your phone, Twitter, social networking sites, digital radio, online TV, stuff on demand on every medium, traditional journalists becoming video journos, coding etc. – journalists are in competition to get people to read/hear/watch their news. This means they have to be constantly updating.

Shot list: RACHEL – hands typing – hands switching on the radio – turning on telly – voice on R4 sending people to website – screen caps of websites with embedded video etc – screen caps of Twitter – Channel 4, Radio 4’s twitter feeds – phones: Dan’s iPhone! – BBC News channel, multiscreen with news, sport and weather.

Day in the life: CHRIS AND JOSH – wake up with Radio 4 in the background. Switch on BBC Breakfast, check emails and online for Sky, Al Jazeera, CNN etc. – get to the office: talk to editor and find out top stories. Research online; update Twitter feed, online with new stories. – go out with film camera, stills camera, Blackberry etc. Film report; update website on Blackberry. Take pictures for site. Write script for radio report; record when back in studio. – back in newsroom: edit package, send out online newsletter (à la Snowmail) to subscribers. – next story: no time to go out and film/talk to people to get bigger picture, so must use archive footage and get quick interview with resident expert. Keep updating Twitter. NB! Have Day in the Life first? Then go to shots of all different multimedia, ending on pic of stressed journo.


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  1. shristi09 says:

    hey everyone how did the filming go on sunday? Sounds great out here 🙂 Sorry i haven’t been able to contribute ………..and since yesterday i have been ill so couldnt come back as well…….Most probably i will be going to Nepal from here only instead of coming back to penryn and leaving on Thursday morning. I am really sorry. I will be taking pictures and videos from Nepal just in case to include in presentation or either blogs for later on my visit. I will be posting the quotes soon. Do let me know how i can help you guys even though i will be away…. I will be returning on the 23rd evening to Penryn. Thanks a lot guys for your understanding and help.

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