Thoughts on multimedia platforms from those in the industry

I found a really interesting piece on the Press Gazette website with the thoughts of those already in the industry. We could use it in our presentation to kick off the discussion, along with quotes from big-name journalists. The piece itself is quite long so here are a few excerpts…

Andy Cowles, editorial director, IPC Media

Good journalism is always going to be with us. Understanding the reader, a sense of timing and good ideas are timeless skills. A compelling story is still going to get read and talked about.

What will be different is the variety of platforms on which that story will appear, and how journalists can retain control of it.

Charlie Beckett, director, Polis, the journalism think-tank at the London School of Economics

In a world of ever-increasing media manipulation by government and business, it is even more vital for investigative journalists to use technology to reveal hidden truths.

Networked journalists are open, interactive and share the process. Instead of gatekeepers they are facilitators; the public become producers.

John Ryley, Executive editor, Sky News

Digital technology enables television journalists to take the best of what print has traditionally done – using space to provide analysis, context and comment – and, crucially, to combine it with video on several different platforms at the same time.

Kevin Anderson, blogs editor, The Guardian

I am interested in how to tell compelling stories through multimedia. What is the best way to tell this story? Which part is text; which part sound and which part pictures, either moving or still? New “pro-sumer” equipment (consumer technology approaching the level of professional) in audio-video undercuts the cost of traditional broadcast equipment, and it’s easier and cheaper than ever to file even video stories. What’s more, I can also interact and engage with readers and viewers directly through blogs and comments.

Nick Wrenn, managing editor, CNN International EMEA

In these days of multi-platform mayhem, do not ignore the basics. Accuracy, speed and persistence, combined with an ability to listen and learn, are the best platform, no matter how many gadgets your story appears on.


One Response to Thoughts on multimedia platforms from those in the industry

  1. siobhan316 says:

    Regarding Twitter it is a great source for breaking news and quick updates of news stories but these days now that many celebrities have jumped on the band wagon havn’t you found that it has lost it’s original purpose ….. professionally anyway.

    These days when I log on I’m being informed that Jonothan Ross is walking dogs and that Chris Moyles has managed 200 sit ups this morning.

    Is Twitter really the best way to break news stories when it is now becoming a victim of celebrity indulgence and fad.

    I know you have control on who you do and don’t add but is this what happens to most new forms of media? Its fresh and edgy and then gets over-run by too many and loses any voice that it first had?

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