NUJ proclaims media job losses as ‘Unjustifiable’

National Union of Journalists (NUJ) in Britain have condemned the media industry bosses for cutting jobs of Journalists as ‘Unjustified’. Following the global economic recession, almost all the companies from retailers,manufacturers, traders to investors  around the world have been making cutbacks and redundancies.

In Britain, the impact of the financial crisis has been hit severely affecting major media companies as well. But NUJ proclaims that recession is being used as an excuse by the media sectors to make cutbacks. They have outlined saying there are other various fundamental and underlying problems which has led to the use of newspapers being declined in the past few years.

Journalists highlights one of the main reasons in the declination of traditional newspapers in the market is the failure to adapt quickly enough to advances in modern technology, especially since the advent of the Internet. Timeliness now competes with accuracy, and quality has been compromised by increased use of amateur video and photography, which are often available for free.  Also free online media tools, such as Flickr, YouTube, Twitter and blogging services, have created a phenomenon of citizen journalism. 

Besides that even though journalists have contributed widely in earning profits for the Financial Times Newspaper, they have already cut jobs of 20 Journalists by putting profits prior to jobs and quality journalism. More job cuts is expected to follow from other media companies.

Investigative reporter Nick Davies, whose book Flat Earth News caused a sensation last year for its exposure of the state of British journalism, said “journalists must go public, above the heads of their bosses” in the fight to save the media from destruction during the economic crisis.

The corporations could not provide solutions to the crisis, said Davies, adding that “their reaction now is the same as it always has been, based on prioritizing profit over news values.”

However, Claire Enders, a leading media industry financial commentator, predicted that a third of British regional newspapers and half of all jobs in regional media will disappear by 2013.  To read more please click here


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