Group Work

Hey everyone,

From Right to Left- Josh, Chris, Shristi and Rachel

From Left to Right - Josh, Chris, Shristi and Rachel

I thought we should mention here how we divided the areas in the beginning when we first met for our group meeting. So that it’s clear for Charlotte how we worked as a team and why everyone is focusing on these particular areas in their respective blog writings only at the moment.  So i’ve mentioned my area below since i am mostly covering on Traditional Newspapers and it’s changes, whether its been affected by digital and all.  Could you please update it here if you are focusing on any thing  particularly.


Shristi- Traditional Newspapers 


Chris- The future of radio and how roles have/are changing. Help to make the video for traditional journalism and audiences.

Hope it all makes sense. Any changes please feel free to do 🙂

Also I have updated our About page by inserting our group image 🙂


2 Responses to Group Work

  1. joshvardey says:

    Seriously, we need a new photo! I’m focusing on how televison can shift to different platforms and advertising models…

  2. rachelea says:

    I’m going to look at it from the audience’s angle and consider how they’re affected by the different multimedia – does it enhance their viewing?

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