Role change for BBC Broadcast Journalist – BBC Somerset


Chris: Here is one of the journalists at BBC Somerset, talking about how multi platform delivery is affecting the journalists at the station:

The key points:

– To take photos, audio and video is now the job for one journalist. This means it takes more time to cover one story and can be problematic for breaking stories where competitors could publish the news first. The positives are it uses less resources, and all media will be covered from one view point rather than several if it was covered by numerous journalists.

– Technology has helped to increase the amount of multi-platform delivery, sticking to traditional standards can result in losing a proportion of your audience.

– Citizen journalism is very important for news gathering. Journalists are still needed for content and legal judgement and how to extract the key information from the story which would be more difficult for citizens. 

– The role of the journalist is likely to change and evolve in ways unseen in the past. Previously journalists used to find and report stories, the future could see theim becoming editors, by deciding what should be done with all the information that has been gathered by a variety of sources.

– Platforms should be available which are suitable for all age groups, although there needs to be developments to accommodate a more technologically minded population – the audience for the future. Multi platform delivery is more suitable for under sixty fives.


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