World leading editors to focus on quality editorial content

In March 2009, some of the world’s leading editors will join a conference meeting to be held in India,  to discuss strategies for producing quality editorial content during the financial crisis. It will be held from 22nd March to 25th March in Hydrabad on the Annual World Editors Forum summit  which will focus on the growing newsroom challenge of “Doing more with less.” Nearly 2000 editors, publishers, directors, CEO’s from around the world are expected to be present to discuss the ways to improve and maintain quality traditional journalistic standards during such difficult financial times where most of the newsrooms are reducing staffs and other resources. The event is organised by the World Association of Newspapers.

They will be highlighting on the future of journalism versus future of the Newspapers which is dedicated to the challenges of producing quality journalism in the digital age. A panel of editors will consider  questions such as:

1) Is quality journalism possible without a print edition? Is there a future for newspapers without breaking news?

2)Are shrinking newsrooms the main threat to quality journalism?

The panel includes Jaideep Bose, editor-in-chief of the Times of India, James Orr, Online News editor of The Christian Science Monitor (USA), Alan Rusbridger, editor-in-chief of The Guardian (UK), and Mahfuz Aman, editor-in-chief of The Daily Star in Bangladesh.

In Ethics they will bring into attention questions like:  

1) Is digital news changing journalistic standards and values, which will examine some of the primary concerns facing editors in the digital environmen?

2) Can digital media maintain the traditional principles and values of quality journalism?


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