New Media, New Journalism, New York Times

I was just researching through how traditional media is coping with the changes to online and how journalism is changing as the medium and context changes, I came across this exciting news about New York times. It explains clearly the changes adopted in their newspaper inorder to adapt with the changing times. It’s called – The New Journalism: Goosing the Gray Lady


4 Responses to New Media, New Journalism, New York Times

  1. sophieghaziri says:

    Just to touch on what you have posted here, this relates to alot of what we are talking about on our blog. However, do you think that these changing times, calls for a change in journalism?

  2. joshvardey says:

    Well, I think if it takes an army of coding-whizzes to pump energy and revenue into a bastion of traditional journalism like the New York Times, yes journalism has to change. The newspaper was failing until they embraced online- and with online there’s a whole new set of rules from the way you write to the way you present a story. To put it simply, a screen doesn’t smudge your fingers when you turn the pages.

  3. cje118 says:

    I found a feature by Roy Greenslade (London’s City University) which highlights the developments and transition from newspaper journalism to new media journalism. He also explains what he believes are the two reasons for the demise of the newspaper – the ease of ads and classified on the web and the increased ease to obtain news online. He also explains how journalists must democratise journalism, another modern aspect of multi-platform delivery which modern journalists must embrace.

  4. shristi09 says:

    Yeah i agree with what Josh and Chris has mentioned above. Maybe not entirely embrace change of journalism but it is very much necessary to adapt to the changes in such a competitive market. Also it is very essential to make changes but they should not compromise with the quality of news needed to be delivered I believe. But now everyone can get news easily and know what’s happening around the world through internet and that too for free. Changes in the internet happen to quickly and thus newspapers fail to adapt. Therefore newspapers need to look to innovate since they are a vital source to keep the public informed and so many people still rely and think newspapers is one of the most credible source. So it is surely hampering traditional newspapers but it can never compete with the quality of news and its content. For the moment at least, it threatens traditional journalism but it has not developed a discipline that can replace professional journalism.

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