hey everyone..i’ve just designed the header by searching images in the internet.. just found this one only but hopefully we can design better. Just an idea what we could include in the header to match with our topic. Also when are we going to meet for discussing about presentation this week??


2 Responses to Header

  1. rachelea says:

    Thursday maybe? I do have my driving test slap-bang in the middle of the day though unfortunately! If not I guess we could prob do tomorrow but I think it’s going to be fairly hectic for BJs…

  2. shristi09 says:

    hey thats fine we can meet on thursday. We will only meet Charlotte in the morning at 10:30 for 15 mins to discuss about blogs and presentations and then we are off most probably. So maybe we can discuss and then you can go whenever you have your driving. We should all start with our presentations …time is flying so quickly

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