Presentation ideas

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note mentioning about what we had discussed in the group meeting yesterday. I am updating here so we can discuss or update anything we come across as we blog and remember our ideas :-). I thought it will be much easier to view.

For the group presentation:

1) Introduction and Focus on the over view of multimedia delivery affecting traditional journalism and its standards, roles, practices

2) Timings how news were covered before and how it has changed with the emergence of internet, twittering, blogging and ofcourse citizen journalism

3) Quotes 

4) Voxpops  (different genres of people to describe how the news delivery has changed and get their feedback on it, inorder to set a scenario of changing times)

5) Videos and 2 character script (old and new Journalism) and also animation chart which Josh had mentioned about.

6) Arrange for Interviews

Anymore ideas, comments please feel free to  update 🙂 Thanks

Also if i can arrange for an interview either an audio or a video while i am in Nepal than we can put an international angle as well either on our presentation or blogs. This will show the contrast picture of news delivery in different countries and though times have changed some countries still rely on Radio, TV for news delivery, for instance, in Nepal whereas the developed countries have reached miles ahead. What do you think about this?


2 Responses to Presentation ideas

  1. rachelea says:

    Ooh well done! I was thinking about putting up here what we’d decided but you beat me to it! The Nepal thing’s a really good idea, I might have a look into how multimedia-orientated it is in France and/or Italy; maybe we should touch on the States too very briefly?

  2. shristi09 says:

    yeah rachel thats a good idea. This will make it more interesting as we will be covering wider aspects of news delivery in different countries briefly. USA is good because in the latest Hudson incident, news was first delivered through twittering and we can give examples to set the scenario. Good point!!!

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