Worldwide Change in Newspaper content

This is another interesting video which I found in youtube. It discusses how rapidly newspapers content has changed worldwide. With the emergence of   Internet which is not a new medium argues Innovation Co Founder Carlos but a new digital medium through which everything gets connected from past, present and the future. It also talks how dramatically the role of the individuals in their respective field in the media has changed.

This is a presentation prepared by Claude Erbsen, Director of Innovation-Media Consulting for the European Journalism Centre on “Innovation in Newspapers” at the Innovation Journalism Seminar in July 2007. There are three parts to the presentation which are posted below. The second part discusses with the changes needed to be brought in the newsroom and says it has been a challenge rather than difficult to operate. Thus,  it is very essential to communicate with the staff with the plan and strategies in order to follow the fast changing medium and have the capability to rise to the challenge. Jobs are more focused and challenging as they  require to cover tasks that they might have never done before like producing videos, online content so they have to learn as well.

The third part talks about the multimedia platform use in the newspaper and exploring new ways to communicate with the consumers, readers and involving them. Today traditional newspapers have become more interactive and are exploring new territories and concepts. Thus, mainstream media outlets need to integrate existing new media technologies into their coverages because integration provides, for any business, an insurance policy for the survival of the company.





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