Newspaper transfer content onto digital platforms

Chris Saridakis, a Chief Digital Officer from Gannett Company Inc., discusses the social and technical challenges involved when newspapers changes its content onto digital platforms in the Communators program telecasted on MAy 2nd 2008. He explains the future of traditional platforms like newspapers onto the digital medium. He says use of the paper wont end necessarily and would still be an important medium even when  are being less consumed. Advertisers want to reach their consumers in any medium and consumers are ready for the transition since most of the consumers are finding informations online. 


2 Responses to Newspaper transfer content onto digital platforms

  1. rachelea says:

    I found this really interesting, especially in light of what Charlotte was saying the other day about traditional papers now writing primarily for online, with the actual newspaper being a back-up. I think we should definitely explore this further in our presentation.

  2. shristi09 says:

    yeah racheal thats true. It is a really good idea to explore further in this topic because traditional newspapers for their survival are changing the content to meet the demands of the consumers with the changing transition to internet. Will look into it more and update it.

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