The rise of Twitter

An interesting blog entry considering the rise of Twitter.


4 Responses to The rise of Twitter

  1. Mary says:

    The news of the plane crash in New York was broken on Twitter, with Twitpic hosting the first images which went around the world.

    There is a really interesting article on the BBC on it:


  2. cje118 says:

    CHRIS: The rise continues – Research suggests Twitter use has increased almost 1000% in the past 12 months!

    Barack Obama is a regular user and has over 144,000 followers. Citizens always used to find news through Journalists. As Mary highlighted the plane crash was first featured on Twitter, and as I previously blogged the Mumbai attacks featured Twitter reports by some news corporations.

    The audience are now having an ever important input into finding and processing news stories. Twitter is allowing news to spread through citizens, and journalists are being informed at a later stage in the stories journey. This is a change to traditional standards, where journalists used to break all stories.

    • rachelea says:

      This is a v good point (and I know it was me who posted the first link!) but we need to be careful we don’t stray too much into the Social Media group’s stuff. But it is a good idea to look at how it’s changed the role of the journalist.

  3. cje118 says:

    CHRIS: I agree Rachel – although I did find this blog entry regarding the importance of Twitter in modern journalism. Paul Bradshaw is a teacher of Online Journalism and has told his students to follow ten journalists/people of relevance to explain the importance of the social networking tool.

    This is a huge modern change in journalism training.

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