Is Traditional journalism still effective?

Over the few years debate  on the effectiveness of traditional journalism has escalated. Despite all the controversies traditional journalism still remains effective even with the boom of digital journalism.  Firstly because traditional journalism can accept media changes that emerges very often in this competitive world. New ideas and technologies always have enormous demands. Thus it can actually thrive in the era of digital journalism if it advances with its technologies and realises the changing demands of the people i.e the internet. In my opinion traditional media has a trusted brand attached with it, which makes easier for the people to believe the news and its content. With the digital journalism you have to be very careful about where its source is coming from and if it could be trusted as independent. Since there are many sources which provides informations but actually how reliable are they?  Also mostly people tends to believe it is all true facts once seen on the Internet.

However, with the growing and drastic changing medium, traditional journalism needs to become more relevant for those people who prefer digital journalism like for instance blogging, videos, multimedia content. Traditional Journalism is in threat since the growing demand of Internet. Despite that the most reliable source is still traditional journalism like Newspapers, Radio, Television since new technologies can have a negative impact on the journalism. “It is a danger, yes. For one thing, everyone is trying to be the first to get information out on the web — unlike in the old days; every second matters if you want to be the first. So that makes some journalists and media organizations less careful. Bad information gets out on the web. We have to be sure that we’re maintaining the same “quality control” standards as before even with the pressure to be first on the web” quoted Patrick Butler of US who is a vice president for programs at the International Center for Journalists. He cited two more dangers.

One is that the web tends to be a place where opinion — sometimes expressed very harshly — is preferred over careful and unbiased reporting. People often post some very hateful speech on the web, stuff that wouldn’t get into mainstream media.

Another danger is that because we haven’t found a good way to be profitable on the web, the kinds of expensive and in-depth journalism those mainstreams media have done (such as investigative reporting and foreign reporting) are harder to support. Here in the US, many newspapers that we have relied on for investigative reporting and foreign news are cutting their staffs. So the question is, where will we get that kind of reporting in the future?


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